To make money online, there are lots of opportunities these days you can make money online, opportunities that you can venture into and start making money online. Whether you are a student, undergraduate, graduate, or master’s degree holder, you can harness these opportunities and start earning passive income from them.

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Even though you have an online business, you can have customers in almost online Advertising Made Easy For Everyonevery region of the world, irrespective of race, tribe, language, or colour. An online market is a big place that almost everyone can utilize and earn. The first step to take before starting an online business is to find the business idea that matches your area of expertise and strength.

The ideas stated below are enticing, and as well possible. If you are finding it difficult to start, after reading this article you will see the positive values and simple steps to get you started. In this article, we’ve outlined 10 profitable need-based businesses you can start with minimal or no startup costs, that you can begin as soon as possible.

App Development

App development is a very lucrative business especially if you have the knowledge of building apps, developers around the world are making a good amount of money from this niche. There are millions of app ideas that have not yet been created, some are of obvious demand, and others could be emerging new ideas that will solve problems.

If you have an idea you think you can bring into reality through mobile app development, then you should get started because the industry is a very lucrative one. You can either start with a professional team or build by yourself, it all depends on the concept you want. But whichever way, you will still make revenue if the right strategies are put in place.

You may be wondering how to make money online using an app development strategy. Well, the process is easy! There are tons of methods to monetize your apps but one of the best methods of mobile monetization these days is by displaying advertisements, another way is to create a PREMIUM membership app where users will have to pay to see or use some of your services.

Similarly, if you don’t want to build and monetize applications for yourself, you can open your own app development business by working for clients and getting paid for the job. The amount you charge each client depends on the type and difficulty of the application.

App development, in a nutshell, is all about creating ideas, being innovative, and solving problems, if you fall in any of these categories then you are just on your way to starting making money online.

E-Books – Selling Digital Products

Selling of digital products, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing goes hand-in-hand except that you can sell your digital product even without having a website like that of eCommerce that you need to build a well-structured website for yourself and affiliate marketing which allows you to sell third-party products and services.

If you are a writer and have written quite a number of books and you have been looking for ways to sell your book and make money online, you can make use of Amazon kindle publish or another eCommerce website to publish your books online and start making sales.

The Amazon kindly publish was founded in 2007 to help writers sell their books on the Amazon marketplace. Every day millions of people visit amazon to buy products and services, you can leverage this opportunity by publishing your book on the kindle direct publish on Amazon and start making money.

You can also set up your own website and sell your book there as well; a shopping cart system should be enabled on the site in other to collect online payments. Your books should be compiled in a portable document file (PDF).

Ecommerce retailer

Ecommerce is an online marketplace where you sell both digital and physical products using the internet. If you have a physical business or planning to start one soon, eCommerce is a great concept to begin to drive sales.

Virtually everyone from anywhere around the world can buy from you irrespective of the distance. This is because the market is situated online and everyone can access the market. All you have to do is to build a website for yourself or employ the help of a developer to build one for you.

To get started with an eCommerce website, you have to decide on the model and plan you want to use. Having gotten that, the next thing is to build your brand, branding is one way of empowering your business and making it outstanding among your competitors.


The amount of money you make on an eCommerce website varies depending on the categories and scale of the product that you are selling and the kind of model you adopt. Ecommerce is a great business idea to venture into, especially these days, even if you’re an expert or a beginner, you can make waves by driving sales to your website. There are lots of ways to drive traffic which we’re going to discuss in our subsequent articles on strategies to use to drive traffic to your website.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency for the payment of goods and services online. The method you can use to make money online with crypto-currency depends on your risk-taking ability. You can invest in crypto-currency by simply buying a coin from any of the exchangers. There are basically three ways you can make money online using the crypto platform. You either be a day trader, holder, or swing trader.


The day trader buys and sells crypto daily, they wait for a particular coin to go down and seize the opportunity to buy and as soon as the coin goes up they sell, repeating the same process over again. While the hold traders, buy coins when they are cheap and hold for a longer period of time and later sell when the coin appreciates in price. Swing traders also buy from a market where a coin is less in price compared to another platform where it is a bit higher for the same coin.

You can take a practical look at some strategies of making money from cryptocurrency, understanding the market ecosystem and some basics will enable you to advance your skills in the market and make a good profit. Note, that crypto-currency is a volatile market, meaning you can possibly predict the market with 100% accuracy. But understanding the chart flows and analysis will help you build a better system that will help you predict the rise and fall of any coin.


A good place to start trading Crypto is Binance, which offers a lot of benefits for members of the community. You can register with Binance and carry out the verification processes. Once you are verified, an account will be opened for you to start trading your coins and stock.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marking is a way to generate leads or traffic to a company by a publisher. These publishers are often referred to as third-party publishers. They often register with companies as affiliate marketers and I turn drive sales to the company’s product landing page.

To make money online, affiliate marking is among the top business to start with. The amount of revenue or income you get from affiliate marketing depends on the type of strategies you have put in place.

When you register as an affiliate, the company compensates you for helping them make sales, mostly digital products. The industry is a multi-billion dollar niche that has a lot of possibilities for great wealth online. There are basically three types of affiliate marketing which include unattached affiliate marketing, relating affiliate marketing, and involved affiliate marketing.


Blogging is a way to publish text or video content online, this could either be through a content management system, social media, or YouTube. Any of these platforms can still enable you to make money online. What matters is knowing what you are doing and using the right strategies to get your business pushing forward.

If you have writing skills, are fluent in your own language, and are able to construct content that will solve a problem. This could either be reviews, education, sport, health, and even entertainment, it doesn’t matter the area of concentration but the area of ability.

Once you have mastered the creation of consistent content, you can make money online through your platform product advertisement, contextual advertisement, affiliate marketing, and sponsored post.

You do not need a huge capital to start blogging. The first step is to get a hosting plan, set up your website, and make sure it passes the webmaster specification. You, however, do not need to be a webmaster before you can start blogging.







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