National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) had embarked on strike action and most Nigerians will not be able to register and get their National Identity Number (NIN).

As many that went to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) offices in Abuja and Lagos state, found out that the offices are not buzzing with business and work as usual.

Some of the workers had voiced out why they couldn’t continue work because of pay packages for the staffs which they said is not encouraging to work for.

The employees union chairman in the person of Lucky Asekhohia says that they had been attending to much people with preventive and protective equipment as they go about carrying out their duties.


The strike action had stopped the NIN registration going on across the country, the workers are demanding for the management to make provision of preventive and protection equipment for the risk of Covid-19 virus.

Attempts had been made by some media houses to get to the commission so that they know the measures the management is taking for the workers to go back to their duty posts, but the spokesperson of the commission says that a press release statement will be released which will address the matters on the ground.

It is not yet clear if the commission may suspend the registration process of getting the National Identification Number (NIN) from henceforth.

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