What makes a football player being labelled overrated or overpriced? Most footballers are evaluated over the course of their careers and are constantly judged how they fared in many leagues they played and the

medals they have won.

The number of goals/assists they have also counted in their careers. These evaluations don’t meet up to their ratings on-pitch performances, which makes the player being overrated.  Pepe Nicolas:  A football player that plays for Arsenal FC of England who they signed from Lille France of a record signing of (£72,000,000) seventy million pounds. Who was born at Mantes-la-Jolie France on May 29th, 1995 age 24, plays for Elephant of Cote d’Ivoire.


His stint with Lille in 2018/2019 season he had 41 appearances for them and helped them to second position in Ligue 1 of France top-flight football.

He had made seven (7) appearances and scored only one (1) goal for Arsenal this 2019/2020 football season. His work rate and commitment to the game as an Arsenal player can’t be compared to what he did while playing for his former club (Lille).

Having been signed with a record-breaking price of that much, the fans, management and football community expects much from him. Even though the season had not gone far, but there is room for him to prove his worth of the amount spent on his contract so far. In the match at Old Trafford with Manchester United on 30/09/2019, Pepe lost the ball fourteen times while the match was going on. However, it is obvious that he’s long seen as an essential part of Arsenal team this season and he needs to raise his game instead of being a shadow of his former self.

All of these doesn’t mean that his abilities had deserted him, all he needs is to keep improving and working hard during training and the matches proper knowing full well that the football community all really watching with keen interest of his performance week in week out. The fact that he scored much wonder number of goals while playing for his former clubs, Arsenal fans and management are really looking forward to him to replicate the same in Arsenal colours.

The Arsenal management believed they had gotten a pace winger and thought he will tear defences apart in the Premier League. What they are seeing now is different from what they thought all though this is his debut season only time will tell if he will live up to his billings.

Written by Dandison Anusionwu.



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