Never lose sight of who you are; begin to create new visions and dreams for your life. Let nothing stop you from growing every day. I have come to realize that nothing is permanent.

Your problem is not permanent, you can do something to change it by ensuring you do not allow the situation or the person making your life miserable. Pain is a fact of life, it is inevitable but suffering is optional.

You can do something to change the pain by overlooking every obstacle, take control as a force of nature to grow and expand. Do what is necessary now to use the gift God has given you to unleash your purpose.

Do not allow anybody to destroy you or rob you of living a joyful. Your life is not wasted; you have just started a different phase of life. God will show you how to use your testimony to help others and restore their lives to exuberance. Please join me to encourage and inspire others.

You have a story to tell; you can contribute and participate in the dialogues here, let us all learn from one another’s experience and reach others with the gift of love and kindness.

Celebrate your uniqueness because there is only one of you. Examine problems for hidden wisdom. Savour the difference in moments; savour means to taste, feel and extract all the pleasure and benefit of each moment. Someone has well said, you are going to be on the journey longer than you will be at the destination so, enjoy the journey.

Always be where you are, do not permit your mind to race miles ahead of where your body is. Taste now; it is the future you have been talking about your entire life. Reflect today on past successes, think about your past battles and struggles. Yesterday is your history of successes; remember them, talk about them.

Thankfulness produces joy; it does not take a genius to detect flaws. However, it takes great awareness to see the good things in life. Savour God’s everyday blessings; your eyesight, your hearing, your ability to speak and the thousands of things to be happy about.

Celebrate each little blessing, life is a journey. Focus on all the little things that make it pleasurable, do not take today for granted, you have already received, received, and received so much from God.

Renew your mind to the truth; the renewing of your mind is the key to changes within you.

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