Stop moving around looking for people to solve a problem for you. God will not give you a problem; allow a problem, an obstacle, a barrier that is stronger than you. He will not. Whatever you are facing right now, God knows that within you. You have the potential to overcome that.

You are in a boxing competition and your opponent doesn’t come, for the competition to begin. Then the referee says ‘box’ and there is no opponent, and they say you are a winner, are you a winner? That’s how you want your life to be minus an opponent.

You can do everything independently on your own, have you woken up in the morning and appreciated your wife? If you are married, appreciated your husband? Have you?

There are mothers who want a child; you are kicking your own child. Did you say good morning to your own child/children today?


When you see people walking around you can think they don’t have issues, they don’t have problems. It is because we don’t mind about them. We don’t love them too much. They look as if they don’t they do have. That’s why we are careless in judging people; we are careless in talking about people.

One who doesn’t know how to overcome difficulties cannot achieve anything in this world. A lot of times we look at others and think they have it easy. It is not true.


Everyone thinks their difficulty; their problem is the most difficult one than anyone else. Look at your hand you got ten fingers true or false? Are you going to start appreciating God when five of them are gone? You have got two eyes and you can see, do you know some people don’t have? You can hear without any hearing aid? You can walk and you can sit without being assisted by anyone or anything? Learn to be grateful to your creator and your maker the Almighty God.

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