Everything you need comes through people from God. God is your source. People are merely his chosen channels. God may use various people to benefit you but, never forget to be thankful and grateful to the true source of your heavenly father. Appreciation authorizes intimacy.

A farmer sows his seeds months before he needs the harvest. Tomorrow is being decided right now. Your seeds are moving into your future. The seed that leaves your hand will never leave your life. It merely leaves your present season and enters your future where it multiplies. Today is your seed for tomorrow.

You are oil for someone’s wound, you are a seed. Sow your caring. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Words stop storms.


 Start giving yourself away. After all, everything you have was given to you. Sow extra time into your family and you will see an increase of love and affection. Sow the seed of diligence into your job and you will be promoted. When you sow a part of yourself back in God’s world, you activate the Law of Increase.

 You are a Seed. Sow yourself into the future. Sow yourself into someone else. You are somebody’s harvest today. Find them.

Seasons change. Companies change. You change. Accept change. Enjoy your God-given right to creatively pursue and explore other job opportunities. Permit God to walk you into your next chapter of success.


Your Seed is any gift, skill, or talent that God has provided for you to sow into the lives of others. Do not hide it. Use it. Celebrate it. It carves the road to your future. Even Joseph wanted others to recognize his ability to interpret dreams. Examine the invisible gifting within you. Discern opportunities to sow them and you will produce favor beyond your wildest dreams.

Your Harvest is any person or anything that can bless or benefit you. Your Harvest already exists. It is walking around you. Just as your eyes had to be opened to recognize Jesus, your eyes must be opened to recognize your Harvest. Your Present Harvest Is Seed For Your Future.


Seed-faith is exchanging what you have been given for what God has promised you. Seed-faith is sowing seed in faith for a specific harvest. Seed faith pulls the future toward you. God does not respond to needs. God responds to your seeds when he is trusted.

The Bible is God’s Blueprint for mankind. It defines His purpose for creating, as well as His covenant to bless you. Nothing will ever dominate your life that doesn’t happen daily. So, meditate on His Word daily. What enters your mind determines what leaves your mind.


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