The Chairman of Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19, Mustapha had warned all schools across the country Nigeria to adhere to the non-pharmaceutical intervention as schools reopen, The Chairman said this during the weekly briefing of the Presidential Taskforce in the Nigerian Capital Abuja.

The resumption dates of schools he said that PTF had already informed Nigerians will be reviewed because of the Covid-19 cases that are rising in the country and also the shortage of oxygen.

He also added that the PTF will work with state Governors and the Federal Ministry of Education to checkmate the current situation of rising cases of covid-19 across the country.

The government had permitted schools across the country to resume while tackling the second wave of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, some states had not ordered schools to reopen, Edo State and Kaduna state are the states that schools are still under lock and key.

In another development, Ekiti, Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto states and Abuja had reopened schools.


The second wave of Covid-19 had made the Government decide before to delay the reopening of schools across the nation, but the Government had given schools the green light to reopen.

Some students and some parents said they are elated that schools had reopened, but on the reopening day, the students in the schools were so minimal in number.

The school authorities had mandated all students to wear nose masks and washing of their hands before entering the school premises meanwhile as many students that turned up on the resumption date without nose masks were asked to go back to their homes.

In other to maintain social distance, some private schools had started two sessions, some students come in the morning and others come in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, some of the government schools couldn’t maintain social distancing in their classrooms and there was no space in the classrooms.

 Some high institutions in Lagos State including the University of Lagos are teaching their students online at the beginning of this new session.


The State Government of Ekiti had directed private and public schools in the state to reopen on 18th January 2021 for the second session.

This is at the backdrop of lifting the curfew that had been in the state from 8 pm to 6 am, movements had been limited from 10  pm and end by 6 am daily.

The State Government of Ekiti had reiterated her commitment to fighting the Coronavirus in the state saying that teachers and students will be tested in public schools across the state.

Proprietors and managements of private schools had been ordered to follow Covid-19 protocols, which are making available equipment for protection measures and that schools that refused to adhere to these will be shut down with immediate effect.

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