Do you remember when you were in school? Back in school, learning was child’s play for you. You memorized the material in school mostly by yourself, without any learning methods at all, and you only had to sit down at your desk for your unloved subjects a few days before the exam.

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In the meantime, you’ve grown up, gained a few years of professional experience, and are suddenly facing the first exam of your further education or part-time studies – learning the content as easily as before? No way! And as your exam gets closer and closer, you start to worry that you might not be able to learn at all as an adult. But how are you supposed to make it through these studies! Don’t worry: With easy learning methods for adults, you can do it too!


It’s true, that adults learn very differently than children – but not necessarily worse. Children often approach new challenges much more intuitively and learn in a very linear way. With adults, it’s much more a matter of the head. You build on experiences you’ve already had, and learning tends to take place in stages.


 Sometimes step A is followed by step C – other times it suddenly feels as if you’ve been standing still for weeks. And while giving up is usually not an option for children, adults quickly have doubts about whether they can even reach the goal they have set. Just bury your head in the sand? Not at all! Luckily, there are numerous methods that can help you to get back on track quickly!


Your fellow student raves about her study group, which always meets before breakfast to work out for two hours according to the following pattern: if the stomach is still empty, there is more room in the body for the new knowledge? Your best buddy, who is already a father, prefers to sit at his desk at 3 a.m. with strong coffee because his offspring is already asleep and he can work in peace during this time?


Such tips are great as a starting point for finding out how learning actually works best and how the material is best anchored in the brain. But the most important thing is that you find the method that works best for you personally.

Whether with a study group, online tutorials, or alone – the main thing is that you feel fit, motivated, and confident in your environment and at your chosen learning time.



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